Five Papers accepted at Interspeech 2023

We are happy to announce that five papers by members of our department have been accepted at Interspeech 2023. Congratulations to all authors!

  • "Self-supervised discrete representations of speech reflect phonetic variability: An information-theoretic analysis" by Badr Abdullah, Mohammed Maqsood Shaik, Bernd Möbius and Dietrich Klakow. Interspeech 2023 (Dublin, Ireland).
  • "Cross-linguistic emotion perception in human and TTS voices" by Iona Gessinger, Michelle Cohn, Benjamin R. Cowan, Georgia Zellou and Bernd Möbius. Interspeech 2023 (Dublin, Ireland).
  • "Synthesis after a couple PINTs: Investigating the Role of Pause-Internal Phonetic Particles in Speech Synthesis and Perception" by Mikey Elmers, Johannah O'Mahony and Éva Székely. Interspeech 2023 (Dublin, Ireland).
  • "On the N-gram Approximation of Pre-trained Language Models" by Aravind Krishnan, Jesujoba Alabi and Dietrich Klakow. Interspeech 2023 (Dublin, Ireland).
  • "Bulgarian Unstressed Vowel Reduction: Received Views vs Corpus Findings" by Mitko Sabev, Bistra Andreeva, Christoph Gabriel and Jonas Grünke. Interspeech 2023 (Dublin, Ireland)