Four papers accepted at RANLP 2023

We are delighted to announce that four scientific contributions by members of our department have been accepted at Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing conference (RANLP 2023). Congratulations to all authors!

  • “Simultaneous Interpreting as a Noisy Channel: How Much Information Gets Through” by Maria Kunilovskaya, Heike Przybyl, Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski and Elke Teich. RANLP 2023.
  • “Microsyntactic Unit Detection using Word Embedding Models: Experiments on Slavic Languages” by Iuliia Zaitova, Irina Stenger and Tania Avgustinova. RANLP 2023.
  • “Auto-Encoding Questions with Retrieval Augmented Decoding for Passage Retrieval and Zero-shot Question Generation” by Stalin Varanasi, Muhammad Umer Tariq Butt and Guenter Neumann (DFKI & UdS). RANLP 2023.
  • “Measuring Spurious Correlation in Classification: “Clever Hans” in Translationese” by Angana Borah, Daria Pylypenko, Cristina España-Bonet and Josef van Genabith (SFB 1102 & DFKI). RANLP 2023.