Ten Papers accepted at ACL 2023

We are happy to announce that ten papers by members of our department have been accepted at ACL 2023. Congratulations to all authors!

  • “AfricaPOS: Part-of-Speech Tagging for Typologically Diverse African languages” by Cheikh M. Bamba Dione, David Adelani, Peter Nabende,  Jesujoba Alabi, Thapelo Sindane, Happy Buzaaba, Shamsuddeen Hassan Muhammad, Chris Chinenye Emezue, Perez Ogayo, Anuoluwapo Aremu, Catherine Gitau, Derguene Mbaye, Jonathan Mukiibi, Blessing Sibanda, Bonaventure F. P. Dossou, Andiswa Bukula, Rooweither Mabuya, Allahsera Auguste Tapo, Edwin Munkoh-Buabeng, Victoire Memdjokam Koagne, Fatoumata Ouoba Kabore, Amelia Taylor, Godson Kalipe, Tebogo Macucwa, Vukosi Marivate, Tajuddeen Gwadabe, Mboning Tchiaze Elvis, Ikechukwu Onyenwe, Gratien Atindogbe, Tolulope Adelani, Idris Akinade, Olanrewaju Samuel, Marien Nahimana, Théogène Musabeyezu, Emile Niyomutabazi, Ester Chimhenga, Kudzai Gotosa, Patrick Mizha, Apelete Agbolo, Seydou Traore, Chinedu Uchechukwu, Aliyu Yusuf, Muhammad Abdullahi and Dietrich Klakow. ACL 2023.
  • “Revisiting Sample Size Determination in Natural Language Understanding” by Ernie Chang, Muhammad Hassan Rashid, Pin-Jie Lin, Changsheng Zhao, Vera Demberg, Yangyang Shi and Vikas Chandra. Short paper, ACL 2023.
  • “Visual Coherence Loss for Coherent and Visually Grounded Story  Generation” by Xudong Hong, Vera Demberg, Asad Sayeed, Qiankun Zheng and Bernt Schiele. Long paper, ACL 2023.
  • “Entity Tracking in Language Models” by Najoung Kim and Sebastian Schuster. ACL 2023.
  • “Compositional Generalization without Trees using Multiset Tagging and Latent Permutations” by Matthias Lindemann, Alexander Koller and Ivan Titov. ACL 2023.
  • “Few-shot Fine-tuning vs. In-context Learning: A Fair Comparison and Evaluation” by Marius Mosbach, Tiago Pimentel, Shauli Ravfogel, Dietrich Klakow and Yanai Elaza. Short paper, ACL 2023.
  • “Incorporating Distribution of Discourse Structure for Long Document Abstractive Summarization” by Dongqi Pu, Yifan Wang and Vera Demberg. Long paper, ACL 2023.
  • “What’s the Meaning of Superhuman Performance in Today’s NLU?” by Simone Tedeschi, Johan Bos, Thierry Declerck, Jan Hajic, Daniel Hershcovich, Eduard H. Hovy, Alexander Koller, Simon Krek, Steven Schockaert, Rico Sennrich, Ekaterina Shutova and Roberto Navigli. ACL 2023.
  • “Weaker Than You Think: A Critical Look at Weakly Supervised Learning” by Dawei Zhu, Xiaoyu Shen, Marius Mosbach, Andreas Joseph Stephan and Dietrich Klakow. ACL 2023.
  • "Towards Efficient Dialogue Processing in the Emergency Response Domain" by Tatiana Anikina (DFKI & UdS). Student Research Workshop. ACL 2023.