Numerous publications accepted at CogSci 2024

Numerous scientific publications from our department were accepted at the 45th Annual Conference of The Cognitive Science Society 2024 (CogSci)
Congratulations to all authors!

  • "Interpreting implausible event descriptions under noise" by Asya Achimova, Marjolein van Os, Vera Demberg and Martin V. Butz.
  • "Information Locality in the Processing of Classifier-Noun Dependencies in Mandarin Chinese" by Hailin Hao, Yang Yang and Michael Hahn.
  • "On the limits of LLM surprisal as functional Explanation of ERPs" by Benedict Krieger, Harm Brouwer, Christoph Aurnhammer and Matthew Crocker.
  • "Learning Part-whole Hierarchies from the Sequence of Handwriting" by Meng Li, David Schlangen and Dietrich Klakow.
  • "Uniform information density explains subject doubling in French" by Yiming Liang, Pascal Amsili, Heather Burnett and Vera Demberg.
  • "Adaptation to Speakers is modulated by working memory updating and theory of mind -- a study investigating humor comprehension" by Jia Loy and Vera Demberg.
  • "What processing instructions do connectives provide? Modeling the facilitative effect of the connective" by Marian Marchal, Merel Scholman, Ted Sanders and Vera Demberg.
  • "Capable but not cooperative? Perceptions of ChatGPT as a pragmatic speaker" by Alexandra Mayn, Jia Loy and Vera Demberg.