Seven papers accepted at ICPhS 2023

We are delighted to announce that seven scientific contributions by members of our department have been accepted at the International Congress of Phonetic Sciences 2023. Congratulations to all authors!

  • “Pause Particles Influencing Recollection in Lectures” by Mikey Elmers. ICPhS 2023.
  • “Vowel Reduction in Spontaneous Bulgarian Judeo-Spanish” by Jonas Grünke, Mitko Sabev, Christoph Gabriel, and Bistra Andreeva. ICPhS 2023.
  • "Respiratory and Supralaryngeal Effects on Speech Breathing Noise across Loudness Conditions and Speaking Tasks" by Laura Koenig, Susanne Fuchs, and Raphael Werner. ICPhS 2023.
  • "Filler Particles in English and Spanish L1 and L2 Speech" by Beeke Muhlack. ICPhS 2023.
  • "On the evolution of ICPhS between 1932 and 2019" by Jürgen Trouvain. ICPhS 2023.
  • "Rime changes and mergers in Beijing retroflex suffixation: An acoustic study" by Yutong Wang and Mitko Sabev. ICPhS 2023.
  • “Non-uniform Cue-trading: Differential Effects of Surprisal on Pause Usage and Pause Duration in German” by Ivan Yuen, Omnia Ibrahim, Bistra Andreeva, and Bernd Moebius. ICPhS 2023.