SFB Workshop, 7-8 September

Making effective use of metadata of historical texts and corpora

On 7 and 8 September, experts from Germany and abroad will follow the invitation of the Linguistics and Language Technology department and the Saarbrücken Collaborative Research Center 1102 ("Information Density and Linguistic Encoding") for a two-day workshop at Saarland University.
The workshop "Making effective use of metadata of historical texts and corpora" is aimed at a broad interest group of linguists (Germanists, Anglists, computational linguists, translation scientists, etc.) who work with historical texts or generally with large text collections (e.g. Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of London, Old Bailey Court Proceedings, Oxford Text Archive, Deutsches Text Archiv) and use corresponding procedures and visualizations to gain (socio-)linguistic insights from these data sets. The programme also offers interesting topics for students of linguistics courses, which they can learn about participating in the lectures and discussions.
Programme and further information