"Test of time" best paper award for speech synthesis paper

Dr Jürgen Trouvain has received a "test of time" best paper award for his publication "The German Text-to-Speech Synthesis System MARY: A Tool for Research, Development and Teaching", published at the Speech Synthesis Workshop 2001 (with Dr. Marc Schröder, then DFKI, now at Google Zürich, as the first author). The paper is being honoured, among other things, for describing the popular MaryTTS system, one of the few open-source text-to-speech systems in widespread use. SSW is the series of Speech Synthesis Workshops held under the auspices of the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA). To celebrate the 10th anniversary of SSW the organisers of SSW 2019 in Vienna arranged a voting among their advisory board asking for the most important paper of each of the past SSW workshops.
Congratulations to both authors!