Teachers' Day 2015

12th Teachers’ Day: Speaking—an integrated approach

Continuing our series of successful and popular Teachers’ Days, the English Department of Saarland University in cooperation with the ZfL, the LPM and the ILF invites teachers, teacher trainees and students of English to the


12th Teachers’ Day

29th of September, 2015, 8:45-16:00

at Saarland University



Speaking—an integrated approach

In the past several decades, much evidence has emerged that, in order for learners to attain language competence, teaching needs to integrate linguistic and communicative skills. In many cases and for many purposes, the separation of the four macro skills is likely to be less effective than integrated instruction simply because, in reality, communication does not take place in terms of discrete linguistic skills. Rather, virtually all language uses take place in the form of discourse and in specific social contexts.

The overarching goal of integrated teaching is to develop learners’ fluency and accuracy, as well as their sociocultural communicative competence requiring adapting the language from context to context and from genre to genre.

This year’s Teachers’ Day will offer an insight into a broad range of integrated teaching methods, techniques and activities, which require learners to engage in meaningful interaction and integrated language usage in order to advance learners' language proficiency required for communication in various contexts.

Workshop topics include:

  • Task-supported language learning and teaching
  • Integrated teaching and testing of speaking skills
  • Cooperative learning arrangements


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Online registration will be possible as of Wednesday, the 24th of June, 2015. Please note that participants must register by late in the evening on the 20th of September, 2015.

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This event is recognized by the Ministerium für Bildung und Kultur (Saarland) and the Ministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft, Weiterbildung und Kultur (Rhineland-Palatinate) as an in-service training course (Fortbildungsveranstaltung).


In cooperation with Institut für Lehrerfort- und -weiterbildung (ILF) and the Landesinstitut für Pädagogik und Medien (LPM)