Studying at Saarland University

Saarland University was founded in 1948 with French assistance. The international and European spirit of the founding period has been preserved in many practical activities, especially in the Department of Law. Not only is German law taught in Saarbrücken, but every year French and German students earn their “Licence en Droit” at the “Centre Juridique Franco-Allemand”. Lawyers from all over the world study at the Institute for European Law or the Europa-Institut. In this way, the Department of Law has acquired broad experience and competence in dealing with foreign guests. The participants in the Master's programme benefit directly from all these skills.

The polyglot staff of the Welcome Center is there to help participants with all the practical worries and needs of settling in in Saarbrücken. This applies in particular to finding accommodation. In contrast to many large German cities, rents in Saarbrücken are not excessively high. The university - idyllically located in the middle of the city forest - can easily be reached by bus. Participants in the Master's programme will be able to use all buses and trains in Saarland free of charge once they have enrolled as students. The management of the Master's programme attaches great importance to the participants becoming acquainted from the beginning with other German and foreign students at the Institute for European Law. Experience has shown that initial fears and problems can be quickly overcome together.

By the way, all participants are cordially invited to take an evening stroll through Saarbrücken's old town to get an impression of the hospitality and warmth of the Saarlanders. The proximity to France and Luxembourg also attracts to weekend excursions all those who have already familiarised themselves with the Saarland way of "savoir vivre".