Panjaitan, S.; Frey, G.:
Product-Driven Control In Manufacturing Systems Using IEC 61499 And RFID Technology
Proceedings of 12th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing (incom 2006), St. Etienne, France, Vol. 2, pp 131-136, (Preprints Vol. 2, pp. 143-148), May 2006.

To achieve re-configurability, reusability and flexibility of manufacturing systems, this paper extends a method for re-configuration of control on machine level by the use of auto-identification technology. The scheduling-based control concepts of Functionality Based Control (FBC) and Scheduler, Selector and Synchronizer (S³) are extended for a setting with RFID-technology (for product identification). Using this combination product-driven control can be achieved. Each product brings its own processing schedule on an RFID tag read by a RFID reader at the machines. Using a drill station as example, the calculation of processing schedules for a machine depending on newly arriving products is illustrated.

Keywords: Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Distributed Control Systems, IEC 61499, Scheduling, Re-Configuration.