As part of our research, we often create software or model libraries that we would like to share with interested parties. Please note the conditions of the respective licenses!


ZIZO-Tool, a Visual Environment for Modelling, Simulation and Formal Verification of Adaptive Probabilistic Discrete Event Control Systems Running Under Memory, Energy and Real-Time Constraints.


SolarPowerSystems, an open-source Modelica-library that enables the design and investigation of immobile PV systems, focusing on the power generated by arbitrarily oriented PV modules based on the irradiance in the horizontal plane; air temperature; and wind speed at the site.

EHSTEG, an open-source Modelica library to model and simulate as well as design and control Energy Harvesting Systems (EHS) based on Thermoelectric Generators (TEG). The library needs ThermoelectricGenerator and HeatPipe libraries to work properly.

HeatPipe, an open-source Modelica library to model and simulate heat pipes with three different modeling approaches.

ThermoelectricGenerator, an open-source Modelica library for component-oriented modeling of thermoelectric devices.

ModelicaNCLibrary, an open-source Modelica Library for combined simulation of networks and controllers in the domain of automation systems.

JPAARealTime, an open-source real time option for the Modelica-IDE Dymola.

To do Hardware-in-the-Loop-Simulations, simulation time and real world time need to be synchronized. The Modelica IDE Dymola by Dynasim has synchronisation support. But it has the drawback that simulation speed is not limited if simulation time is behind real world time. In temporarily too slow simulations this can lead to undesirable behaviour of the simulation which cannot be handled by the hardware attached. For this reason an open source real time option for Dymola has been developed which not only slows down simulation if simulation time is ahead real world time. Additionally, maximum simulation speed can be defined which prevents the simulation from regaining previously lost time.