Hussain, T.; Frey, G.:
Solving the deployment problem of IEC 61499 applications,
Proceedings of the 17th IFAC World Congress, pp. 8321-8326, Seoul, South Korea, July 2008

Distributed control systems now-a-days are consisting of more and more heterogeneous processing nodes. Standards are making it easier to use processors, networks, operating systems etc. of varying nature. This freedom of choice is quite beneficial as long as the control applications perform according to the functional and non-functional specifications. Non-functional requirements especially that related to satisfaction of certain temporal deadlines are quite important in control applications since they often consist of a number of real-time components. Therefore, when heterogeneous processing elements are used deployment of the software components appears to be a problematic task. This article presents a methodology to combat this problem using explanation based learning.

Keywords: IEC 61499, Deployment, Distributed Control.