Abdelati, M.; Felgner, F.; Frey, G.:MODELING, SIMULATION AND CONTROL OF A WATER RECOVERY AND IRRIGATION SYSTEM. The 8th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO 2011), Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands, Juli 2011.



For the modeling and simulation of large water recovery and irrigation systems, standard component models as found in simulation tool libraries are too complex. In this work, simple models are derived and applied for the modeling and simulation of a real system. In this system, water for irrigation will be collected by recovery wells around the wastewater treatment plant infiltration basins located in northern Gaza. There will be 27 recovery wells to collect the water in a reservoir before being distributed for irrigation via 10 booster pumps. During summer time, the system is expected to recover and distribute about 50885 m3 daily. The model derived in this paper using Modelica helps better understanding the system dynamics and provides a tool for evaluating the performance of possible control schemes.