Bähre, D.; Frey, G.; Vielhaber M.: Energy Efficiency Engineering - Towards an Integrated Method Framework for Energy-oriented Product and Production Development. 2nd International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Energy Related Materials, Oludeniz, Turkey, Oct. 2014; in: A.Y. Oral et al. (Eds.): 2nd International Congress on Energy Efficiency and Energy Related Materials (ENEFM2014), Springer Proceedings in Energy, Springer International Publishing, pp. 525-531, 2015.



Energy efficiency is further rising in importance across all areas of the product lifecycle. One focus is put on the products’ use phase, generally addressed through technological solutions. Another focus area with strongly rising significance is the production phase, which influences both the product’s lifecycle assessment and the organization’s environmental footprint. Regarding this area, the method of choice has so far generally been to improve the operation through, e.g., energy value stream optimizations.

With efficiency demands further rising, such operational or end-of-pipe approaches reach their limits. The challenge is then to define approaches targeting already the earlier product and production development phases, which promise higher improvement potentials, but may be more complex to implement. Such approaches are just at their beginning in industrial contexts, as they require longer term improvement focuses as well as the interdisciplinary involvement of product development, productiondevelopment and operation experts.

This paper focusses on methods which can be applied in the early phases of product and production development and which target energy efficiency optimizations in the production phase. It builds on a general integration framework developed by the authors as a basis for multiple product and production engineering integration aspects.