Bauer, P.; Schäfer, C.; Rögele, S.; Baumeister, A.; Schweizer-Ries, P.; Frey, G.: Energieverbrauchsoptimierung an universitären Liegenschaften. Proceedings of the Kongress Facility Management, ISBN 978-3-8007-3576-1, VDE-Verlag, pp. 429-438, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, Feb. 2014.


This paper describes an approach to develop a decision tool supporting facility or university management dealing with energetic methods to safe energy. lt allows optimizing investment decisions by criteria as TCO or ecological benefit. Energetic methods to safe energy at university properties in operation are defined, realized and evaluated. They comprise economic and psychological incentives to the user as well as increasing the performance of building automation and control systems. A model-based predictor is developed according to Iiterature and standards. Later on results of the case study are integrated into this predictor and the overall decision tool.