Khlifi, Oussama; Siegwart, Christian; Mosbahi, Olfa; Khalgui, Mohamed; Frey, Georg: Specification Approach Using GR-TNCES -Application to an Automotive Transport System-. The 12th International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (ICSOFT 2017), Madrid, Spain, July 2017.  [ACCEPTED]


The features of probabilistic adaptive systems are especially the uncertainty and reconfigurability. The structure of a part of the system may be totally unknown or partially unknown at a particular time. Openness is also an inherent property, as agents may join or leave the system throughout its lifetime. This poses severe challenges for state-based specification. The languages in which probabilistic reconfigurable systems are specified should be clear and intuitive, and thus accessible to generation, inspection and modification by humans. This paper introduces a new approach for specifying adaptive probabilistic discrete event systems. We introduce the semantics of GR-TNCES to optimize the specification of unpredictable timed reconfiguration scenario running under resources constraints. We also apply this approach to specify the requirement of an automotive transport system and we evaluate its benefits.


Requirement specification, Adaptive systems, Statecharts, Modeling.