Jonas, D.; Theis, D.; Felgner, F.; Frey, G.: A User-friendly Simulation Framework for the Analysis of Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Systems using TRNSYS. Proceedings of the 8th IEEE International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC2017), pp. 1-6, Amman, Jordan, Mar. 2017.


In general, the modeling and simulation of complex energy systems is a challenging task as it requires expert knowledge in modeling as well as in the behavior of the real systems. As an example of a complex energy system, this paper considers a combined solar and heat pump (SHP) system for the efficient energy supply of buildings. The challenges in designing new models within the simulation environment TRNSYS are described. As an alternative to the complex and lengthy general modeling process, a TRNSYS-based stand-alone tool (SHP-SIMFRAME) is presented which enables users to analyze different predefined SHP concepts with hardly any knowledge in modeling and simulation itself.


Modeling, Simulation, Solar thermal, Heat pumps, TRNSYS



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