Exel, Lukas; Frey Georg: Modeling and Simulation of Local Flexibilities and Their Effect to the Entire Power System. Computer Science - Research and Development (2017)




The transformation of the energy system requires new methods for its modeling and simulation, as established methods are facing problems in representing the increasing complexity and flexibility. We present the modeling and simulation framework MOCES that is based on the modeling language Modelica. The novelty of MOCES is the explicit modeling of the processes that ensure the balancing of production and consumption and which link the physical system with the energy markets. In this contribution, we show how MOCES can be used to model and simulate the German power system with detailed spatial representation by adapting and extending the ELMOD-DE model. The adapted model is modified to investigate the effect of local storage systems that aim at minimizing the exchange of electricity with the upstream grid. We provide findings on their effect to the grid usage, the grid stability, and the economic performance of the storage systems. In addition, we examine the influence of an increasing number of local storage systems on their economic performance.