Kehl, Pierre Emanuel; Khalid, Raja Rehan; Frey, Georg " Heterogeneous Modeling: A Need To Model Future Energy Systems". Power and Energy Student Summit 2017 (PESS 2017), Nürnberg, Germany, June. 2017.


Flexible infrastructure of the grid system is needed for more power utilization efficiency and use of renewable energy sources. One promising approach of attaining such are "Microgrids". These sustainable grid systems needs robust new control algorithms and adoption of redesigned new grid infrastructure. The difficulties for attaining such diversity in microgrid infrastructure is the freedom needed to integrate power generators, storages and loads as plug and operable devices. This concept complicates the development of the realistic models for microgrids. Therefore a model centric approach using heterogeneous modeling is presented in this paper. The heterogeneous modeling process is elaborated, which enables precise simulations through combination of specified modeling tools for specific tasks. With this approach, microgrid system containing two different renewable energy sources are modeled in Modelica and coupled together with a control designed in Simulink. The simulation results identified some design aspects on control and physical models of microgrids.


Renewable Energy Systems, Model Centric Design, Microgrids, Heterogeneous Modeling.