Jonas, D.; Frey, G.: Model-based Analysis of the Performance and the Environmental Impact of Solar Thermal and Heat Pump Systems. Proceedings of the 9th IEEE International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC2018), pp. 1-6, Hammamet, Tunisia, Mar. 2018.


The combination of solar thermal and heat pump (STHP) systems is a promising concept for space heating and domestic hot water preparation of residential buildings. This work presents a simulation study on the performance as well as the environmental impact of heat pump and combined STHP systems, considering different concepts with ground, air or ice storages as heat source of the heat pump, in comparison with conventional gas-fired heating systems. The considered system concepts as well as the key performance figures for the evaluation are explained in detail. The presented results pointed out the potential of combined STHP systems for the efficient and especially sustainable energy supply of buildings.


Solar thermal, Heat pump, Combined systems, Performance, TRNSYS



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