Research focus and projects

The Centre for Gender-Specific Biology and Medicine (CGBM) focuses on various research areas that investigate gender-specific differences in biology and medicine.

This includes research into gender-specific aspects in the neurosciences, such as differences in brain function and structure and their effects on neurological and psychiatric disorders. In endocrinology, the focus is on the role of hormones and gender-specific differences in hormone regulation in various diseases. Cardiology investigates gender-specific differences in the development, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, while physiology analyses gender-specific differences in the function and regulation of organs and tissues. Finally, the CGBM researches gender-specific differences in the immune response, cellular processes and the development of organs in the fields of immunology, cell biology and organ development.

The scientists use state-of-the-art technologies and methods for their research. These include advanced microscopy for high-resolution imaging of cells and tissues, bioinformatics for analysing and interpreting large biological data sets, mass spectroscopy for identifying and quantifying molecules in biological samples and molecular biology for investigating molecular mechanisms and processes in cells and organisms.

By combining these research foci, the CGBM aims to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of gender-specific differences in biology and medicine and to develop new approaches for prevention, diagnosis and therapy.