German nationals who have a foreign higher education entrance qualification but do not have the required level of proficiency in German

Official notification of recognition

German nationals with a foreign higher education entrance qualification need to provide notification that their school-leaving certificate has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Education of the German federal state in which they are resident or in which they are studying. In Saarland, this service is provided by the Saarland Ministry of Education and Culture.

You will need to show that your foreign HEEQ has been officially recognized when you apply for admission to study at Saarland University, so please ensure that you obtain the necessary documentation in good time before the application deadline expires. Preliminary review documentation from uni-assist is not required.

How to apply

If you do not yet have the required level of language proficiency, the first step is to apply for a place on a preparatory German language course. Your application should be submitted online via the SIM application portal. When you apply, you will need to provide official notification that your foreign higher education entrance qualification has been recognized by the responsible German authority, but you do not need to submit preliminary review documentation from uni-assist. As an alternative to completing a preparatory German language course, you may submit any of the other language proficiency certificates accepted by Saarland University.

Applications must be submitted in the following periods:

  • early June until 15 July (for winter semester entry)
  • early December until 15 January (for summer semester entry)

German language skills are not required if you are applying for either of the Bachelor's degree programmes 'Computer Science (English)' or 'Cybersecurity (English)'. If you would like to apply to study one of these programmes, please refer to the Saarland Informatics Campus web pages for information on how to apply.