The Homburg campus

The Faculty of Medicine and the Saarland University Medical Center are located in the town of Homburg, some 30 kilometres from Saarbrücken. Homburg also has a university campus that was established in 1947. The Faculty of Medicine currently has around 2000 students studying medicine, dentistry, human and molecular biology, and bioinformatics. The Saarland University Medical Center plays a leading role in medical teaching, research and clinical care and its reputation extends well beyond Saarland’s borders. Student projects include the ‘First Aid For All’ initiative that aims to teach first aid to school students, the ‘medimeisterschaften’ – a football tournament for medical students in Germany, and the ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’ that lets children bring in unwell teddy bears and other stuffed animals for ‘treatment’. Shuttle buses provide a direct link between Saarbrücken and Homburg and run multiple times each day.

Local tourist attractions around Homburg include the Schlossberghöhlen. These are the largest coloured-sandstone caves in Europe and were dug out of the hills in twelve stages. Other popular destinations include the woodland recreational areas of Beeden and Jägersburg that offer miles of varied woodland walks. And anyone who fancies a drink in Homburg after a hard day’s work or is looking for a good night out won’t be disappointed – just follow the tried and trusted tips from the medical student body.