Life on campus

The main university campus is located in a pleasant woodland setting only a few kilometres from the centre of Saarbrücken. The campus has plenty of cafés and lawns that are ideal for meeting up with friends or relaxing between classes. In addition to the Mensa, which is the university’s main student refectory, the Mensa Café and the Mensa food truck, the campus is also home to other smaller restaurants, such as the AC and the Philo Café.

The surrounding woodland and the nearby wildlife park offer plenty of opportunities for a relaxing walk or an after-class run. But if running is not your thing... No problem, there are a number of fitness trails (aka parcourses) dotted around campus that offer a variety of exercises to help you stay fit and focused. The main fitness trail is a modern 2.9-kilometre course with nine exercise stations. But the university also offers indoor sports activities, with training courses, a fitness centre and more than 60 different sports available through the Saarland University Sports programme.