Affordable accommodation and modest living costs

The cost of living in Saarbrücken is lower than in many other major cities in Germany. According the MLP Student Accommodation Report 2022, rental costs for students rose significantly in all 38 of the university cities and towns studied. On average, rental prices were 5.9 percent higher than in the previous year. For comparison, prices rose by only 1.5 percent in 2021.

In Saarbrücken, the cost of renting the reference student apartment used in the report is less than €450. The most expensive city for students is Munich, where the average rental price is €589 higher than in the city offering the cheapest student accommodation.

The student halls of residence located close to the university campus offer very economical student accommodation coupled with plenty of leisure and recreational options (outdoor screenings of sports events, hall bar, pub crawls, etc.) and are particularly popular with first-year students who often prefer not to start out by renting on the private housing market or taking a room in a shared flat or house. The semester travel ticket covers the whole of Saarland and allows students to travel on all public transport services operated by ‘SaarVV’. The excellent bus services in and around Saarbrücken mean that students don’t need their own car.

Accommodation in Saarbrücken for international students

Saarland University's Welcome Center can help international students, doctoral students and visiting scholars and researchers find accommodation in Saarbrücken. This service is also provided to our international exchange students as well as free movers and to students coming to Saarbrücken as part of the Erasmus+ or the DAAD Eastern European Partnerships exchange programmes. Information on how to go about finding accommodation on the private housing market is available here.