Campus in Bewegung - fitness trail

  • located directly on campus Saarbrücken
  • accessible at any time
  • video instructions provided at each station
  • weekly group courses

With the activity and fitness trail Campus in Bewegung, all people on University campus have the possibility to integrate exercise, fun and fitness in their everyday live. The modern exercise trail with a length of 2,9 kilometres and eight training stations is waiting for you!

Please note that currently our bouldering wall is not available.


And it's as easy as that:
You can access the trail at any point. Walk or run between the stations in an appropriate speed. You should still be able to talk to each other. You only want to do a small training session on one of the fitness or coordination stations? No problem! Campus in Bewegung is available for you at any time. Besides machines for strength training, you will find various steps for jumping and running as well as a boulder wall under the building of C5 2.

The descriptions of each exercise can be found at each station. A colour scale will guide you through the different levels of intensity. Also, the station signs indicate the number of exercise repetitions. A break between the exercise series of 1 or 2 minutes is appropriate.

Video instructions are available via QR code at each station or can be found on our YouTube channel.

We created five different programs, each with a special focus. With these programs, you can leave the daily study routine behind you.

The circular trail with its stations is signposted on all big steles on the campus. Signs along the trail will help you to find the way. The orientation given by the signs is counter clockwise, of course you can use the trail in the reverse direction.


In every semester, we will offer a training course (14 units à 60 minutes). You find the courses in our program in the category "Outdoor Fitnesstraining – Fitnessparcours Campus in Bewegung".


You want to give us feedback on the fitness parcours? Feel free to do that with our survey (only in German).