Introductory courses

Here, you can book your introductory course:

Why do I need an introductory course?

The course is the prerequisite for the individual training at Uni-Fit. Here, you will learn how to exercise on our machines in theory and practice. Also, the training software will be adapted tou your physical condition.

How long does the introductory course last?

The course lasts 120 minutes and is split into a theoretical part of 30 minutes and a supervised training of 90 minutes.

The introductory course includes a 14-day trial.

How much does the introductory course cost?

The course costs € 18,- for students and € 22,- for employees.

What do I need to bring to the course?

(Kopie 4)

You will need your UdS card (student or employee identity card), sportswear, a towel and clean indoor training shoes.