Uni-Fit philosophy

Exercise your Body and your Brain!

Located in the centre of campus close to your workplace or classrooms, Uni-Fit offers you supervised fitness training at the highest level! Working together with sports scientists, we have developed a modern, high-quality exercise concept. We offer you a functional, up-to-date workout providing you with advice and support from experts. Your workout routine will be supported and documented by a professional software program. With the help of the software, your performance will be monitored exactly and adjustment processes will be generated, which enables you to set an optimal training stimulus.
Training breaks can actively be used by answering questions on general knowledge, learning foreign languages (in cooperation with the Language Centre) and perspectively resolving specialist issues out of the seminars of the different faculties – as far as we are provided with such. Working out at Uni-Fit does not only train your body, but also your brain!

Uni-Fit – Workout for everyone!

No matter how much experience you have or what you would like to achieve: in our 240 square metre gym, you can choose from more than 50 exercise stations, including stationary machines, free weights and cardio machines – ideal training conditions for all performance levels.
In our cardio area, you can choose between treadmills, cross trainers, cycle ergometers (sedentary and recumbent) and rowing ergometers in order to warm-up for the subsequent strength training or to complete a cardio unit.  Our mat area offers great opportunities, to complete the training with a stretching program.

Our goal is your success!

In a pleasant atmosphere, we orientate ourselves closely to the wishes of our members. At any time, we support you, help you realizing the latest insights for your training and create individual training schedules. Our coaching staff are available at any time to answer questions regarding your training, to adapt your training schedule and to optimize your training goals.

Start your exercise – after an introductory course

In the introductory course, you will learn how to exercise on our machines in theory and practice and how to deal with our software. Also, the machines and the software are adapted to your physical condition.
The course lasts 120 minutes and is split into a theoretical part of 30 minutes and a supervised training of 90 minutes. The course takes place with 1 to 3 people. Completing the introductory course automatically includes a trial of 14 days.