Outdoor courts


Our artificial turf pitch and beach volleyball courts in Saarbrücken and the beach courts in Homburg can be booked by students and employees of Saarland University hourly for one semester. Locker rooms and showers are given at both locations.

In Saarbrücken there is an artificial turf pitch with four soccer goals, two smaller ones and two bigger ones. There are two beach volleyball courts as well. In Homburg there is a beach volleyball court and 4 small goals (e.g. to play beach soccer)

Start of reservation summer semester 2024

Reservations for the outdoor facilities for the summer semester can be made online from March 19, 9 am.


What are the hygiene rules?

Recreational and amateur outdoor sports and outdoor sports facilities are allowed without restrictions.

What needs to be done in order to book the outdoor courts?
  1. Register yourself (please state your address and bank account details). A successfully done registration is obligatory in order to book the outdoor courts.
  2. Book the desired playing time online.
  3. Wait until you receive an email saying that you can pick up the key card at the University Sports Center.
  4. Make an appointment with us when you want to pick up the card.
  5. Come at the agreed time and pick up your key card and the printed hygiene documents.
  6. Pay the reservation fee and the deposit for the key card. The payment works though direct debiting. In Saarbrücken, you can alternatively pay through the UdS Card payment system.
  7. Sign the cards loan bill and take the key card with you.


How much is the fee?

The reservation fee for the artifical turf pitch for students for one semester is € 60 for one hour, the fee for each beachvolleyball court for one semester applies to € 30 per hour. The courts can only be reserved hourly. The deposit for the key card is € 20.

A one-time rental is currently not possible.

Our beach volleyball courts in Saarbrücken and the beach facility in Homburg can only be booked for the summer semester. The artificial turf pitch in Saarbrücken can be booked all year round.


When can I reserve the courts?

Normally, the booking for the summer semester starts in March, for the winter semester in September and can be done during the opening hours in each University Sports Office. The person making the booking is responsible for the compliance with the agreement.

Agreement outdoor courts Saarbrücken

Agreement beach court Homburg

How do I get access to the outdoor courts?

The gate to the outdoor courts has an electronic lock. You will receive a key card which gives you access to the courts. Only one key card is issued per user group. After the reservation period you will be reminded by mail to return the key card.

The key card will be blocked and the deposit kept, if you do not give it back in time.

Where do I find the outdoor courts?

A site map of the outdoor courts in Saarbrücken can be found here.

A site map of the beach court in Homburg can be found here.

Is it possible to borrow balls at the University Sports Center?

No, balls or other sports equipment cannot be provided.