Flexible courses

Both strength courses at Uni-Fit, the courses in the multifunctional room and the courses at the Union-Center (Meerwiesertalweg) are so called flexible courses. That means, that if you cannot go to your course due to an appointment, holiday etc., you can participate in another course in that week. That means for the courses in the multifunctional room, that – within one week – you can switch from fitness gymnastic to Yoga or from Pilates to the functional gymnastic.

The following conditions apply:

  • Changing in another course requires an inquiry at the University Sports Center per mail or phone (three weeks in advance at the earliest).
  • Switching of courses is only possible in that week, in that you cannot make it to “your” course (it is not possible to participate the week before or the week after).
  • Participants having booked one course are entitled to visit only one alternative course per week.
  • The maximum amount of 20 dates per half-year may not be exceeded.
  • A booking of flexible courses is only allowed within one category (strength training, courses in the multifunctional room or courses at Meerwiesertalweg). It is not possible to change from strength training to gymnastic and vice versa.
  • Due to organizational effort we would be glad, if you make use of the flexible course booking only as an exception.


Flexible course booking

Please contact University Sports Center on the general email hochschulsport(at)uni-saarland.de (and not single employees). Doing so, we can guarantee a timely answer.