Uni Active Pass

Participation in an Uni in Bewegung course, in another University sports course requiring registration, or a 60 minutes training at our fitness center Uni-Fit count as working hours for University employees.

People working full time get a working time credit of 60 minutes. People with a part-time job get the working time credit proportionally.

In general:

  • Employment first (e.g. office hours, meetings etc.)
  • An internal coordination with the department is necessary
  • Course participation needs to be documented (Uni-Aktivpass)
  • Every University employee is entitled to get the course time credited as working time
  • The University departments do not receive a financial or personal compensation for the working time failed
  • The course fee must be paid by the employees themselves

Where do I get the "Uni-Aktivpass"?

The "Uni-Aktivpass" can be picked up at the University Sports Center.

How do I receive my working time credit?

The course participation is documented in the „Uni-Aktivpass“. Employees (with and without time recording) should contact their supervisor before courses start for the precise procedure.

I participate in several courses. Can I get the time credit for each of these courses?

No! You get the time credit for only one course per week.