Conditions of participation (FAQ)

Enrollment and participation

How do I enroll for a class or a workshop?

You can register and book a sports class or workshop online or at the University Sports Center in Saarbrücken or Homburg.

  1. Before booking a class, you have to register online. It is not possible to make the registration at the University Sports Center! For chargeable classes, we need your bank account data.
  2. After the successful registration, you choose a class.
  3. Put the class of your choice in the shopping basket.
  4. Log in.
  5. Book the class.
  6. Get an email confirmation.
Who is entitled to participate?
  • Students and employees belonging to a Saarland University are entitled to participate in the University Sports classes and events.
  • Students and employees on campus Saarbrücken can also visit the sports classes in Homburg and vice versa.
  • Guests (external people not belonging to a university) can only participate in sports classes, if there are still places available.
  • Guest students have to pay the prices for guests when participating in our sports courses.
  • You need to be 16 years or older in order to participate in a class, event or workshop. If you are younger, please contact the University Sports Center.


What do I need to pay?

About one third of the weekly classes can be joined for free by students of Saarland Universities. Employees and guests need a valid user card for participation. 
Anyone who wants to participate in a chargeable class, workshop, excursion or event, must enroll for and pay for it. The fee depends on the user group you belong to (students, employees, guests).
The fee needs to be paid once for the whole semester.


How do I pay?

Payment of course fee and other services is done via the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme. Cash payment is not possible.
We want to point to the fact that places in our sports classes cannot be reserved. Enrollment has been successful, if you have paid for the class via one of the above mentioned payment methods.


The minimum number of participants hasn't been reached yet. Will the class take place?

If the actual number of participants is only one or two below the minimum number, the first unit will normally take place, so that still unregistered people have the chance to do a test training and to register afterwards. So after the first unit we will now, if the course can take place or not. If we must cancel the course, you will be informed by University Sports via email.

The class is fully booked. Is there a possibility to join anyway?

You can book yourself on the waiting list (same process as the normal booking; instead of "In den Warenkorb" you will find "Auf die Warteliste"). In case there is a place available again, we will inform all people on the waiting list via email. You have then the chance to book the place.


Is it possible to try one of the University Sports classes?

Yes, this is possible. If you like the course, you can register for it afterwards – given the fact there are still free places.


I need a certificate of attendance for my insurance company. Who do I have to contact?

We are sorry, but due to an enormous administration effort we cannot issue such certificates. However, we confirm the participation in our sports classes in your bonus booklet.



Is it possible to cancel an already booked class or workshop?

Cancellation or rebooking of chargeable classes can be done before the course starts in person at the University Sports Center or via email. If the course has already started, you can rebook or cancel your place only within three working days after the first unit has taken place by paying a service fee of 5 Euros. After that, no rebookings or cancellations are possible anymore. The course fee will not be refunded, if you fail to appear (injuries or diseases belong to this).

Cancellation of workshops or events can be done until one week before the event takes place free of charge. After that time, we will keep the whole fee, also if you fail to appear in case of injury or disease.

Can it happen that a class has to be cancelled?

University Sports can cancel classes, workshops or events, if e.g. the minimum number of participants could not be reached. You can find the minimum number of participants in each course description. In case of course cancellation, the course fee won't be debited from your account. If you have already paid, we will of course refund the money. No further claims can be made.

We try hard not to cancel courses at short notice. However, this can apply for courses taking place in sport venues that do not belong to the University. Also short-term diseases of our trainers can lead to course cancellations. If we have to cancel chargebable courses, we try to make up for the cancelled event later on. No further claims can be made, though.


Sports facilities

What do I need to know about the sports facilities?
  1. Please wear indoor sport shoes.
  2. Classes can only take place with a trainer being on site.
  3. Instructions given by the trainer or caretaker are to be followed.
  4. In case of infringements, the trainer or the University Sports Center may issue a ban of sports venue use.
  5. Please put your waste in the dustbin in order to ensure cleanness.
Is it possible to rent one of the sports facilities?

No, renting one of our sports facilities as a private sports group or club is absolutely not possible.


Am I allowed to park on campus or Hermann Neuberger Sportschule as a participant of the University Sports classes?

Parking on campus is allowed and will be charged until 4 pm. However, there are very few parking spots available. We recommend to park in one of the car parks. More information can be found here.
Participants of University Sports classes taking place at Hermann Neuberger Sportschule are not entitled to park on the Hermann Neuberger Sportschule area. In the event of non-compliance, you have to pay an administration fee of 10 Euros.

Where are the lost items kept?

At Uni-Fit, lost items are kept at the service desk and can be picked up to the opening hours within 14 days. After that, the items will be given to charitable institutions.
At Uni sports hall B8 3, there are two containers in front of the hall entrance. There, you find the lost items.
In Homburg, please contact the school's caretaker. Lost items from the beach volleyball court will be kept in the locker room for 14 days and then be given to charitable institutions.
Lost items in LSVS sport halls will be kept at the reception for three months, stored for another two months and then be given to the "Tafel".


Insurance and accident report

I got injured in one of the University Sports classes. Am I insured? What do I need to do?

All members of Saarland University – students and employees – are insured against accidents while participating in University Sports classes. Unfallkasse Saarland decides in each individual case, though. A liability insurance does not exist.
Guests participating in the University Sports program are not insured against accidents.
You find the information about the accident report, the form of notice of accident as well as the contact persons on the homepage of the Stabsstelle Arbeitsschutz.

  1. Select the appropriate form and fill it in completely
  2. Send the completed form to the person in charge
  3. Inform University Sports Center about your accident