Mode of payment

SEPA direct debit scheme

When registering online, you have to enter your IBAN. All person-related data are transferred via a secure connection (https). The University's finance department will then debit the course fee via SEPA Direct Debit Scheme from your account. The SEPA Direct Debit Scheme system follows the University's strict privacy policy. The data will of course be handled confidentially, will be used only for the debiting of the booking process and will not be given to third parties.

In case of a direct debit failure due to incorrect data or deficient bank balance, the incurring costs (normally 6 Euros) have to be paid additionally to the course fee. Course participants will receive an invoice from University's finance department stating the course fee plus the incurring costs for the direct debit failure.

The date, when the course fee will be debited, will appear on the booking confirmation. Also, this confirmation contains the mandate reference. The creditor identification number will directly be shown when making the booking.