Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chain resilience: a tertiary study

Hägele, Grosse & Ivanov (2023)
International Journal of Integrated Supply Management

This tertiary study systematically analyzes 65 literature reviews on supply chain resilience (SCR) published in academic journals or conference proceedings. Our focus is on the vulnerabilities and capabilities of a supply chain that need to be balanced to achieve resilience. We explore the interdependencies of these two categories of SCR by developing an innovative framework to realize capabilities after identifying the SCR vulnerabilities. First, we propose a framework that systematizes the vulnerabilities and capabilities identified in the literature. Then, we discuss the identified SCR characteristics based on the framework and quantitatively evaluate the literature reviews’ focus on the two SCR categories. A synthesis of the research results shows the SCR characteristics addressed in the literature and reveals deficits for specific vulnerabilities. Finally, we outline future research opportunities based on these findings by mapping SCR capabilities and vulnerabilities in light of Industry 4.0 and digital supply chain developments. Then, we derive research gaps and recommended actions for practitioners in the context of SCR and Industry 4.0.