Warehousing 5.0

This book examines the concept of Warehousing 5.0.

Management has come to recognize that warehouses are not just simple storerooms but central pillars of competitive advantage and business success with high impact on the efficiency of supply chains. However, warehouse managers continue to struggle with improving operational performance and cutting costs, and in the ongoing transition to smart warehouses, constantly new challenges, such as labor shortages and sustainability requirements, arise. The concept of Warehousing 5.0 offers managers guidance in addressing these challenges by harnessing the benefits of automated and digitally supported warehousing processes enabled by Industry 4.0 technologies with a strong focus on human-centricity, environmental sustainability, and resilience and innovation. This book summarizes the most recent research results on Warehousing 5.0 and supports managers in successfully transforming their warehousing processes and management concepts.


Written by experts in the field, this book offers a comprehensive thematic perspective of the concept of Warehousing 5.0, with a focus on practical insights and guidance for managers. Key topics covered in this book include:

  • Conceptualization of Warehousing 5.0
  • Implementing human-centric management concepts in warehousing
  • Managing the various human-technology interactions in warehouses
  • Advancing sustainability and decarbonization of warehouses
  • Achieving resilience and fostering innovation in warehouses