CoBPM-Infos engl.

Prof. Dr. Peter Loos

Assistants: Nijat Mehdiyev and Alexander Beuther

Contact: cobpm(at)

ATTENTION: CoBPM 2024 cancelled

ATTENTION: CoBPM will take place as a block course in the lecture-free time between March and April. Application period from TBA til TBA, such that students are still able to de-register from other exams, should they receive a spot.

For registration please use the registation form!


In this course the goal is to gain experiences in the application of conceptual modelling. To achieve this, students are provided with scenarios of international businesses attempting to outsource parts of their operations. Each student-team of the Saarland University will pair up with one student-team from Widener University (USA). The paired teams will progress to their respective scenario by negotiating how to co-operate, defining requirements, and creating a design specification.

These steps are usually accompanied by the creation of contracts and the development of prototype implementations.

Organisational Frame

    • Optional course available on summer-terms awarding 6 credit points
    • Examination on behalf of models and documentation created throughout the course as well as the final documentation and presentation
    • Limited size of 20 students (for Saarland University)


      • International teamwork with you being part of a team at Saarland University that needs to work together with a counterpart team at Widener University (USA) forming pairs of teams
      • Framed around scenarios for each team providing a realistic situation in international business environment.

      Schedule (further dates to be announced)

      • Registration until TBA 
      • Kick-Off-Meeting: TBA
        • Introduction of teams and scenarios
        • Modelling-Introduction: modelling methods and tools
      • Joint Kick-Off-Call with American teams
      • Team-Work starts after Kick-Off meeting and lasts until end of April. Each week consists of team-work with presentations/discussions.
      • Mandatory presentations are each Friday, 2-4pm
      • Final Presentation: TBA
      • Break to offer some space for other course's exams
      • Deadline to submit the written reports on TBA


        • Proven knowledge of and experience with conceptual modelling (data-models and process-models)
        • Fluent in English