Nonlinear Inverse Problems - SS24

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Schuster

Lecture times:  Thursday 10-12 am
Lecture venue: HS 4, Building E2.4

Please register for the lecture via E-Mail (vierus[@] by Thursday, April 18.
Please do this as early as possible so that we can plan the lecture appropriately.
The first lecture will be held on April 18, 2024.

The course will be held in English; in case all participants speak German, the lectures will be in German.

Course criteria

You must attend the lecture regularly and pass an oral exam at the end of the lecture.
You can register for the oral exam via the LSF. To get an exam date, please contact Prof. Schuster in time.

Lecture notes

Lecture notes are provided under Microsoft Teams and are currently updated.

Please note that the lecture notes are not a substitute for attending the lecture. 

There is no guarantee for the completeness and correctness of the script.


Literature suggestions are available under the following link.

Office hours

Prof. Dr. Thomas Schuster: on request


If you have any questions, please contact Lukas Vierus (vierus[@]