K-Theory of C*-Algebras

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Moritz Weber
Assistant: Luca Junk


Monday, 14-16 in seminar room 10, building E2 4

Exercise Sessions

every second Thursday, 12-14 in seminar room 10, building E2 4 (starting from 27.04.)


In this lecture, we will introduce K-theory for C*-algebras. This is a theory of invariants for C*-algebras
with a homological flavour. More concretely, to any C*-algebra A we assign an abelian group K0(A)
which somehow "counts the projections", as well as an abelian group K1(A) which somehow "count
s the unitaries". Almost more important than the definition of the K-groups are the homological
properties of the K functor: it preserves many natural constructions making it much simpler to
compute the K-groups in concrete cases.

See also winter term 2019/2020 for a previous variant of this lecture.

Participants should know the definition and some basics on C*-algebras as well as functional analysis.


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  • Lecture notes by Christian Voigt

You can find these references in the library.

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