Foundations and Frontiers of Criminal Justice

To analyze and assess the dynamics of criminal justice and its current challenges, it is necessary to focus on the foundations and frontiers of criminal justice, and to employ a research strategy which takes up the constitutional framework for criminal justice and the interdependencies with other domains of law - and science.

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      Covid-19 and the European Idea. Workshop (Organisation with Jun.-Prof. Dr. Florian Weber and Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jonas Nesselhauf) on 11 June 2021


Selection of non-German Publications

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Selection of non-German Lectures

  • Brodowski, Lecture on »Virtual Criminal Proceedings in Germany« at the »Virtual Comparative Criminal Law Seminar« on 22.04.2022.
  • Brodowski, Lecture on »Who is the culprit?« at the »Congresso Internacional de Direito Penal Econômico e da Empresa (CONDIPE)« on 26.11.2020.
  • Brodowski, Lecture on »Research Experiences in the Field of Criminal Justice from a German Perspective« at a graduate seminar on 07.11.2017 in Ribeirão Preto.