RG Kautenburger: Chemical Speciation and Elemental Analysis


The WASTe research group (Working group for Analytical Speciation Techniques) uses a wide range of analytical methods and measurement techniques for elemental analysis in such diverse environmentally relevant areas, from deep geological formations on Earth to projects in space.

For example, within the BMWi joint projects GRaZ I and GRaZ II, the influence of geochemical parameters on the mobility of repository-relevant contaminants is investigated in the context of risk analysis regarding the final disposal of highly radioactive waste in deep geological formations. On the other hand, the antibacterial effect of specially structured surfaces is analyzed with elemental analytical methods in cooperation with other research groups within the framework of ESA space projects such as BIOFILMS.

The main research topics of the WASTe research group can be divided thematically into the following areas:

  • Development and application of innovative coupling methods (CE-ICP-MS, LC-ICP-MS, MSE-ICP-MS) for speciation, environmental and bioanalytics
  • Speciation analysis of metals with organic and inorganic complex ligands in repository research and environmental analysis
  • Elemental trace analysis and elemental screening in inorganic and organic matrices in cooperation with other working groups


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AG WASTe - Elementanalytik

Kontakt und Anfahrt:

apl. Prof. Dr. Ralf Kautenburger
++49 681 302 2171

Universität des Saarlandes
Anorganische Chemie / Elementanalytik
Campus C4 1, 1. UG
66123 Saarbrücken