Research areas

  • Bordering processes in times of Covid-19, especially in the Greater Region
  • Cross-border (regional) development especially on the German borders to France, Luxembourg and Belgium, including the Palatinate Forest-North Vosges biosphere reserve
  • cross-border multilevel governance, in particular with regard to the France Strategy as an impulse for regional cross-border cooperation, and responses by the French département Moselle
  • Urban development and planning processes in France (especially Greater Paris) and California (e.g. San Diego): the conceptualization of emergent shifts in urban-rural relations; urban-rural hybrids and boundary formation
  • Landscape research and discourse theory, with particular reference to the ways in which refugees with fragmented landscape biographies construct their 'home environment' in light of their new life and surroundings in Germany
  • Conflicts: energy transition (Energiewende): in particular wind-generated power and electrical grid extensions, 5G networks
  • Nature conservation politics (especially 'Natura 2000'): cross-border comparisons / perceptions and acceptance in Bavaria