Conflicts surrounding 5G networks

Past conflicts surrounding 5G networks as a lesson for future communication strategies

Conflicts are not a new social phenomenon, but have always been an inherent part of social (ex)change. At the same time, an increased level of (social) conflict can be observed in many areas - on a national as well as international level, in particular since the turn of the century. The expansion of high speed mobile networks in Germany - 5G networks - is embedded within a plethora of such social conflicts, touching upon questions (and fears) concerning public health and environmental issues. Our research project aims to gain a deeper understanding of these lines of conflict through a discourse theoretical perspective, focussing in particular on their development over time in order to learn from past upheavals. Our analysis and subsequent policy recommendations for conflict resolution are based on Ralf Dahrendorf's theory of conflict(s). 

The research project will be conducted in cooperation with the Working Group Urban and Regional Development (Tübingen University).

  • Project leader at Saarland University: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Florian Weber
  • Project manager: Julia Dittel
  • Duration: 01.12.2010 – 30.11.2021
  • Project funding: Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz
  • Funding reference number: 3620S82476