Business Informatics (M.Sc.)

The consecutive Master's programme in Business Informatics (Information Systems) deepens and broadens the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor's programme. It prepares students for challenging positions in research and development both nationally and internationally. Students will learn how to apply concepts of Information Systems to solve entrepreneurial tasks.

The programme at Saarland University is special in that it allows its students to select their own focus. Apart from a certain amount of courses that have to be taken in each one of the three main disciplines, students can choose to emphasize Information Systems, Computer Science or Business Administration. This specialization can also be reflected in the diploma as either reporting a focus on BI (Business Intelligence), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or BPM (Business Process Management). Students can also choose to put a focus on research, which will also be reflected in the diploma accordingly.

Students of the M.Sc. in Business Informatics at Saarland University have the opportunity to cooperate with several distinguished research institutes such as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) or the Max-Planck Institute for Informatics (MPII). Students work on application-based research and can learn from their researchers.


Head of programme
Prof. Dr. Peter Loos
Saarbrücken Campus, Building D3 2
Phone: +49 681 85775-3106