Funding for the MultiLingCommunity project

The project, led by Prof. Dr. Tania Avgustinova, is funded with EUR 25,000 by the UdS Internationalization Fund for the further development and consolidation of scientific cooperation within the framework of the university's strategic partnerships. Dr. Irina Stenger is the contact person and coordinator of from our department for the new cooperation within the University of the Greater Region.

The MultiLingCommunity project addresses the need for multilingual competence in intercultural comprehension identified by international users in the MultiLingID-Portal. In cooperation with the University of Sofia (T4EU), digital intercomprehension experiments with phraseological constructions in German as a pivot language and in several target languages (such as Bosnian, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Czech, Ukrainian and Hungarian) are being developed as part of the network activities with universities in Eastern and Central Europe (COST Action CA22115). MultiLingCommunity is assisted by the research seminar "Empirical Multilingualism" of the department with online tutorials. In cooperation with the University of Luxembourg (C2DH), interdisciplinary aspects such as migration and historical or social multilingualism are taken into account, thus reaching additional target groups. Together with INCOMSLAV-3 (SFB 1102), the range of language game experiments for Turkish and Semitic languages is being expanded. By including different language areas and target groups, academic and everyday multilingualism is specifically promoted so that it can be consciously used as an individual resource in subject-related learning and professional communication.

Our sincere congratulations!