New research project to investigate gender bias in student translations

Under the coordination of Dr. Rosario Herrero and with the collaboration of Dr. Marie-Pauline Krielke and Isa Anzaldo, our department is contributing to an exciting new research project called "Gender Bias in Translation". Funded with €24,000 of internationalization funds and in international cooperation with the Universities of Alicante and Trieste as  partners of the Transform4Europe alliance, the project explores unconscious gender bias in student translations.
In addition to investigating gender bias in translation, the research findings will be used to develop best practices for translation studies. In this way, the study will contribute to raising awareness of gender bias in translation practice. In addition, it will be examined to what extent the integration of these best practices into teaching influences the use of automatisms in gendered language.
The partial results developed in the pilot phase of the three-year project will be presented at CIUTI in Shanghai in May 2024. The publication of a monograph on the topic of "Gender Bias in Translation" with the participation of the three partner universities is planned for 2026.

We wish everyone involved good success!