What is digital transformation?

Hardly any other topic is currently shaping the economy more than digital transformation. But have you ever wondered what digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing are all about and what role they play in your everyday life?

Digital transformation represents a process of change, at the end of which the potential of digital technologies and infrastructures is to be exploited to the fullest. This process is triggered by changing customer expectations on the one hand and technological advances in processors, storage and networks on the other hand.

The consequences of the digital transformation are diverse and profound. They influence and change business models, processes and products and lead to a fundamental reconsideration of established structures.

The requirements of the job market are also changing as a result of the digital transformation. Knowledge in digital strategy development, the analysis of possible applications of digital technologies, in the implementation of transformation processes and, in general, an affinity for digital systems and data structures are needed key qualifications.