My programme?!

In order for you to enjoy your course of study and to complete it successfully, the degree programme must suit you. You don't have to have any special previous knowledge - but a basic understanding of mathematics and economics is definitely an advantage.

You should have a certain curiosity for new things - new products, new services, new technologies. And you should be prepared to deal with the unfamiliar. You should also be interested in the following topics:

  •     Business administration and management
  •     Computer science and programming
  •     Application fields of digital technologies
  •     Artificial intelligence and big data
  •     Entrepreneurship and start-up culture

With the Expectation Check, you can check how accurate your ideas are about a particular field of study and whether you are correctly informed about your desired study subject. You will receive individual feedback with information on the content, requirements and future career opportunities of your chosen subject.

Do I have to be good at maths?

You don't have to be a mathematical genius, but you should be comfortable with numbers, because maths and statistics are part of the fundamentals of the degree programme. The degree programme offers many options so that you can make it more or less "math-heavy" according to your individual preferences. Thus, you acquire a basic understanding, but you can choose to plan the specific courses of your programme in such a way that you feel comfortable with it.

Do I have to know how to program?

No, you do not have to know how to program in order to successfully complete the degree programme. On the contrary: If you want to learn programming, you can take various courses on it as part of elective modules.