Take an active role in the digital transformation of the economy!

The study programme "Digital Management" is designed to prepare students for the challenges of a digitalized business world. In addition to the core direction of business administration, fields of application involving digital technologies, such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, are among the topics examined. Through a well balanced approach to research and application, you will also learn about options for designing innovative business models, processes, and products.

Start-up culture on campus

The Gründer-Campus Saar is the place to go for people who want to found a company and also for startups from the region. This is where ideas become business models. During an initial meeting, you can find out whether your business idea has potential. Afterwards, you can learn more in workshops and other events and perhaps take the opportunity to meet people who are willing to invest in your company. A better place to get started with your own business idea after graduation would be hard to find...



Overcoming the challenges of digitisation

"Digitisation is one of the major challenges currently to be overcome. Our unique degree programs offer the opportunity to address issues at the intersection of business administration and digitization. Saarland University is the first university in Germany to offer such an innovative degree program, thus preparing graduates for the demanding tasks of the digital age."

Prof. Dr. Heinz Kußmaul, Chair of Business Administration - Corporate Taxation at Saarland University



Is the study programme suitable for me?

Take the test! If you answered "yes" to all or most of the following questions, you shouldn't hesitate any longer and apply today.

You are interested in...

  • Business administration and management
  • Computer science and programming
  • Applications of digital technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • Entrepreneurship and start-up culture

You possess...

  • An open mind for and curiosity about new products, services and technologies
  • Creativity and agility
  • An interest in actively engaging with new technologies as an early adopter
  • A basic understanding of mathematics and economics

Accredited study programmes

Saarland University was one of the first universities in Germany to successfully complete the system accreditation procedure. Since 2012, it has carried the seal of the Accreditation Council.

Quality management

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Studying in Saarland

Affordable housing, short distances and a vibrant nightlife - Saarbrücken is a great place to live even on a small budget. The people of Saarland are known for their openness, friendliness and strong solidarity. And in the cafés at Sankt Johanner Markt in the center of Saarbrücken, the proximity to France is noticeable.


Studying in Saarland