Academic courses and modules

Lectures Recommendations for course selection
  • You can access all of the faculty´s  courses  that are listed in the course catalog under 1. Law course (degree: First legal examination). The choice of subjects can therefore be made freely according to your interests or according to the specifications of your home university.
  • The ECTS (CP) are also listed for the respective courses. Since these only show the workload of the domestic students, the given number of points is rounded up or an extra point is granted to take into account the higher workload due to the foreign language or legal system.
  • You also have the opportunity to take part in lectures and courses organized by the Europa-Institut.




What type of courses are there?


  • Duration: A lecture lasts one semester and takes place once or twice a week. Sometimes a lecture also takes place as a block event and then extends over a shorter period of time.
  • Content: teaching of material (principles, structures)
  • Special: There is a final exam.


Working group


  • Duration: A study group lasts one semester and takes place once a week.
  • Content: Accompaniment to the lecture, in-depth study, work on cases
  • Special: There is a final exam.





  • Duration: A seminar lasts a few days (sometimes a weekend).
  • Content: Each participant gives a lecture on a special topic, on which he has previously prepared a seminar paper.
  • Special: The number of participants is limited; prior registration with the professor or lecturer is required.
Course registration

 Microsoft Teams


  • With your student ID you automatically have an account with Microsoft Teams. You log in with your ID and password at com% 2Fgo & state = 01335abb-dccb-40e1-9147-7fbf23e034eb && client-request-id = 16a6e824-3b01-470e-925b-bd0e514c1fcd & x-client-SKU = Js & x-client-Ver = 1.0-4.9 & nonce = afa48-33788-87 28a33788 a1ccf2fb4d6e & domain_hint = an.
  • You will receive the link to participate in the event from the university.


  • In order to be able to participate in events that take place via Zoom, you need to create an account at
  • You will receive the link to participate in the event from the university.




 LSF(Course catalogue)

  • After attending events in the LSF, register for the lectures.
  • You can also use the LSF to create an electronic timetable for you.
  • A guide to using the LSF (course catalog) can be found below on the website.




Working groups and tutorials

  • For working groups and tutorials you have to register at Elas
  • Registration will be activated two to three weeks before the start of the event
Course documents



  • On the platform you will find many materials and documents for the individual lectures.
  • All you have to do is log in, search for the course, and register for it.

2. Professors' chair websites


3. LSF

  • At you can register for the events and sometimes also find documents for the respective course.
  • You simply log in with your student ID and search for the respective course.
How do I use the course catalog?

Using the course catalog can be difficult at first. We are pleased to be able to offer you instructions for using the catalog.


  • The german tutorial you can find here.
  • The english tutorial you can find here.


Here you can find a list of all the lecturers of our faculty