Academic assessment

What types of exams will I have to take in Saarbrücken?

Exchange students take the written examinations together with Saarland University students at the end of the semester.

If a course you are taking does not have a final written assessment, you should contact the course organizer to arrange an oral examination.

Will I be issued with a certificate?

You will receive a transcript of records in English.

How are the exams graded?

Examinations and other academic assessments are marked in accordance with the grading system prescribed in the regulations governing legal training and education JAO. The JAO grades awarded will be converted into the equivalent ECTS grades and both grades will be entered into your transcript of records. The conversion scheme is set out in the table below: 

JAO /ECTS grade conversion table

German JAO grade  ECTS grade
12 – 18A
  9 – 11B
7 – 8C
5 – 6D
1 – 3FX


The JAO grading scale

Very good (16-18 points) – an outstanding performance

Good (13-15 points) – a result that lies substantially above average pass-level requirements

Wholly satisfactory (10-12 points) – a result that lies above average pass-level requirements

Satisfactory (7-9 points) – a result that fully meets average pass-level requirements

Adequate (4-6 points) – a result that despite some weaknesses still meets average pass-level requirements

Inadequate (1-3 points) – a result with serious faults and weaknesses that no longer meets average pass-level requirements

Fail (0 points) – a completely inadequate result of no merit